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Classroom Cabin Fever Cures: Engaging Winter Activities for Students 2017-03-17

Winter might be filled with heartwarming holidays, delicious hot cocoa with marshmallows, and families and friends sitting around a cozy fire; however, nothing takes way the warmth and joy of the season more than antsy students with cabin fever. There are many outdoor and indoor winter activities for students to try out during the long winter months, which can engage students of all ages year-long.

Fun Winter Activities for Students of All Ages 2017-03-17

As the winter months approach, classrooms begin to fill with rain charts, cotton ball snowflakes, and Santa hats. Here are some easy, fun winter activities for students that you can prepare at home. Perfect for a substitute teacher who doesn't want to carry glitter or paint in his or her bag.

Creating Subbing Plans When the Teacher Did Not Leave Plans 2017-03-17

As a substitute teacher, it is important to show up early for every assignment. Showing up early allows you to go over the teacher's lesson plans and make sure you know where all the materials for the day are located. It also allows you to create subbing plans if the teacher did not leave behind plans or if the plans are unclear.

Jobs for Substitutes: Benefits of the Gig Economy 2017-03-17

When you're a substitute, you need a flexible side job that will allow you to take substitute positions as they arise. Part-time and certainly full-time jobs are usually out. Enter the gig economy, or, as they are sometimes called, on-demand jobs. They can be a sub's best friend, for two reasons.

Teach a Lesson More Effectively by Engaging Students 2017-03-17

Whether you're a substitute for a day or you've taught for years, one key to teaching a lesson more effectively is student engagement. As much as teachers don't want to grade worksheets, students don't want to do them. So, how can substitutes engage their students and make their lessons more effective?

Use a Substitute Teacher App to Focus on What Really Matters 2017-03-17

Which is more stressful: finding the substitute teaching job or the actual teaching? Here is a better question: Which of the above spends your time more wisely and reduces stress?

3 Productivity Apps that Can Make Substituting Easier 2017-02-10

When you're working as a substitute teacher, time is never on your side. You know the feeling of walking into the shoes of another teacher all too well. Let's be honest: It reminds us a little of those improvisational theatre games like "Expert" from the show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

The Long-Term Sub Dilemma: Your Classroom or the Permanent Teacher's Classroom? 2017-02-10

Whether the teacher specifically requested you for the position or you simply found a long-term substitute teaching position thrust upon you, working as a long-term sub is a lot different from simply working in a classroom for a day or even for a few days. It requires a much larger level of commitment, preparation, and work on your part. If you have recently been asked to work as a long-term sub, here are some long-term substitute teacher tips to help things go smoothly.

Resources to help you substitute in March 2017-01-20

March is perhaps the most difficult month in the world of teaching. It is often still cold and students have cabin fever from cold days inside. On the flip side, if you live somewhere where it is warm, children may be itching to get outside. Add to that a lack of holidays and it can seem like a never-ending month.

S.O.S! Help for Subs 2017-01-20

Being a substitute teacher requires gumption. Walking into an unknown classroom, with unknown children and sometimes unprepared lesson plans is daunting and does not always go smoothly. So what can do you in advance or where can you go to find help for being a sub?

Be a Better Sub By Not Doing These Three Things 2017-01-19

Whether you have been substituting for years or you are just starting, you might be wondering how you can be a better sub. One of the keys to being a great substitute teacher is making sure you avoid certain habits.

College Prep Ideas for Substitutes 2017-01-05

Many websites have been developed for college bound students and their mentors to give helpful tips and tricks and to aid in finding schools and scholarships. As you spend time with secondary level students, you will likely see College Board pop up time and time again, and for good reason; it may be the best of them all. From test prep to a scholarship data base, College Board is one of the most comprehensive websites available for high school and college students working toward higher education. If you have extra time on your hands in class, you may be scanning for ideas for substitutes to fill that extra time when the students are finished, and college prep may be just the thing.

Four Reasons You May Want to Limit Where You Substitute Teach 2016-12-31

When it comes to substitute teaching, some people think they need to be willing to teach in any and all classrooms. While this method works for some people, other people have found that limiting where they substitute can actually help them to get the most out of the experience. While there are many reasons people choose to only substitute in specific schools or classrooms, there are at least four reasons you may want to consider limiting where you substitute.

Training and Professional Development for Substitute Teachers 2016-12-30

Sometimes, it's easy for substitute teachers to go through the motions of showing up in a classroom and pass the time watching students do busy work to stay out of trouble. But subs can have a much more effective influence! With the right information and support, these paraprofessionals can become valuable educators. Here are some online opportunities to receive training or additional education for your professional development.

The surprising benefits of substitute teaching 2016-12-29

Being a substitute teacher is invigorating because the field of education is constantly changing. Exposure to different aged students and diverse topics to explore and study keeps the life of a substitute teacher fresh! Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of substitute teaching?

February Plans: Resources for Lesson Plans and Activities for the Month 2016-12-28

February is an exciting time to be a teacher! Don't get stuck in the mid-year slump; use these great ideas to bring fresh energy to your classroom.

Four Winter Activities for Students that Will Have You Labeled as the Best Teacher Ever 2016-12-27

Winter doesn't have to side rail fun in the classroom. When students (and teachers) begin exhibiting cabin fever behavior, it's important to have as many tools on hand as possible. Here are a few winter activities for students that will knock everyone's socks off!

Three Benefits of Substitute Teaching 2016-12-26

Whether you have a background in teaching or you are just looking to make a little extra money, you may have been considering substitute teaching. One of the best ways to decide if substitute teaching is for you is to look at some of the benefits of substitute teaching.

How You Can Help Substitute Fill Rates as a Substitute 2016-11-22

The panic that hits when a teacher calls in sick is something that no administration looks forward to. As a substitute teacher, you are the person that can end that panic. However, substitute fill rates seem to be lower than ever and that has administrations worried. It's understandable, classrooms are harder to work in than ever before and coming in as a sub can be scary. Here are a few ways that you can be prepared for that panicked call and thereby help increase substitute fill rates in your school system.

Three Tips to Avoid Getting Eaten Alive in the Classroom: Tips for Subs 2016-11-15

Children can smell fear: students know when a fresh substitute is coming into the room. Kids are genuine and good-hearted; however, at the end of the day, they are kids and they will try to push the limits to see what they can get away. Check out tips for subs and follow the following tips: learn the classroom routine, have a backup plan, and pick your battles.

Tips for Using Aesop 2016-11-15

The world of substitute teaching is, even in its better moments, often a frantic game of phone tag with plenty of last-minute demands and schedule changes. Keeping track of all that information while also ensuring your empty classroom will have a teacher in it can lead to a lot of confusion. This is why Frontline Technologies, developers of many software programs for K-12 organizations, created Aesop, an online absence and substitute manager. Teachers can report a needed absence, substitutes search for openings and administrators keep an eye and record of all that goes on.

Lesson Plan Ideas for Retaining Classroom Knowledge During Summer Break 2016-11-15

When summer break arrives, school kids tend to want utter freedom and excitement during their summer months. This means trips to the beach, camping, sleepovers, and tons of other fun stuff. But a long break from school means that most kids will not even consider opening their books, unless they are in summer school. Without a little bit of academic work everyday, it will be difficult for them to get back to regular school life.

Reinventing Rock Paper Scissors, Easy Engaging Fun 2016-10-13

You never know when you are going to need just five quick minutes of fun. You might have just few extra moments before lunch, or maybe your class is disengaged and needs a quick energizer to overcome the Monday slump. This go-to activity is a "must-have" in your substitute arsenal.

Sparkle: A New Approach to an Old Favorite 2016-10-10

You never know when you are going to need to "wing it" as a substitute. Maybe you've been called in at the last minute for an emergency. Maybe you don't have all of the materials you need for the lesson plans. Perhaps you've followed all of the plans (and all of the back up plans) and you still have fifteen minutes to fill. You can never have too many options in your bag of tricks. This fun, no prep classroom activity will engage students in virtually any classroom. It's a twist on an old favorite.

Resources and Lessons that Never Miss their Mark 2016-10-09

New school. New class. No worries, the teacher's substitute folder and instructions will soothe your fears. After a brief scavenger hunt and a call to the office, the sad reality has come to light; there are no plans and the students will be here in... oh, there's the bell.

Creating a Place that Substitutes want to Be 2016-10-08

Substitute teaching should be competitive. That is to say, schools should be competing for good substitutes. With the astounding number of absences not filled across the country being a major concern for their respective administrations, substitutes and administrators should be working together to fill this gaps and increase satisfaction for all parties involved.

Do's and Don'ts for Successfully Subbing at your Child’s School 2016-10-07

Have you considered working as a substitute teacher at your child’s school? There are certainly undeniable advantages. You and your child will have the same schedule. You will have the opportunity to get to know your child’s teachers. You may even have the chance to participate in special events that you would not otherwise be present for. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that just being close to your child brings peace of mind, but this opportunity can also be challenging. You may find yourself in some unexpected sticky situations.

How to Get Sub Jobs: 3 Good Tips 2016-10-06

Whether you got accepted to start substitute teaching several weeks or even months ago or you just recently became an approved sub, if the job offers are not coming in like you expected, you may be wondering how to get sub jobs. If you are not getting as many substitute teaching jobs as you want or need, consider doing the following three things:

How to Get a Job as a Substitute Teacher 2016-10-06

The question "how to get jobs?" especially as a substitute teacher is often fraught with anxiety and stress. Going to interviews, meeting your prospective boss, and seeing the classroom brimming with students is somewhat daunting. Your primary focus needs should be on two things: your boss, and the kids that you are teaching.

How to Get Jobs as a Substitute Teacher 2016-08-25

So, you went through the certification process. You were interviewed, finger-printed, and background checked. Now the hard part, how do you get jobs as a substitute teacher? Substitute teaching can be difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. Most education programs recommend that aspiring teachers substitute to gain classroom experience. The flexible hours work well for those still in school, or those looking for flexible part-time work, and for many new teachers, long-term substitution can lead to a teaching contract. However, especially in large districts with a large volume of substitutes, it can be hard to find steady work. If you are a new substitute, try out the following tips.

The Day That Aesop Went Away 2016-08-16

If you haven't logged into Aesop yet because of summer break, you might be in for a big surprise! The company that operates the system (once Frontline Technologies, now Frontline Education) has undergone some changes. They now have a brand new name and new corporate identity as an education solutions provider. And there's one big change you should definitely know ahead of time to avoid some confusion.

Substitute Teachers: Find Free Printables 2016-08-16

As a substitute teacher, is there a better way to supplement your teaching day than with printables? We don't know! Printables make it easy to keep the kids engaged, and are a great time filler when your regular teaching material runs out before the end of the day. The only difficulty is coming up with the topic you need when you need it. Here, we will give you a brief listing of free resources. There are so many options out there today that no matter the topic, there's a printable for that.

Finding Lesson Plans: Substitute Teaching Middle School 2016-08-04

Are you a substitute teaching middle school? Having trouble coming up with lesson plans? Here are a few websites that can give you inspiration and have the kids wishing you were their teacher all the time.

Fun and Educational Trips for a Teacher's Summer 2016-07-28

It's early Monday morning. You are half awake, listening for the SubAssistant text alert on your phone. Where will you work today? Wait! It's the middle of July! Time for you to get some much-deserved relaxation and squeeze in an educational trip (or two!). So, make yourself a cold beverage and start planning some fun and educational trips for summer.

4 Substitute Teacher Interview Tips 2016-07-21

Substitute teaching offers a rewarding part-time job for many people. If you're ready to take the step into the adventure of not knowing who, what, or where you'll be teaching, check-out the four substitute teacher interview tips described within.

Fun Math Classroom Activities with Legos 2016-07-21

The word Lego was derived from the Danish phrase "leg godt" which means "play well." Now the popular interlocking bricks have made it easier to learn well. Teachers have gotten creative and started using Legos for math education.

Get Noticed as a Substitute Teacher with a Video Resume 2016-07-21

In our modern world of instant means of communication and access to on-demand media, the traditional printed resume is an antiquated way to present yourself to potential employers. If you are preparing to interview for substitute teacher jobs or for a permanent position in a school this summer, creating a video resume will help you stand out in an over-saturated candidate pool.

Help! There are no Substitute Plans! 2016-07-21

An experienced substitute teacher knows that part of the job is the ability to be resourceful and think on your feet. This is the case then when you arrive at a substitute teaching job to find that the primary teacher left no plans. Idle time with students is a surefire way to encourage off task behavior and classroom management problems. In the event of no plans, here are some on-the-spot solutions that will rescue your day.

Make a Lasting Impression with Your School Administrator 2016-07-21

The goal of many substitute teachers to find a school where they enjoyed working. The best way to guarantee calls for future jobs or to be considered for vacated probationary positions is to catch the attention of the school administrators. Substitute teaching in a school does not necessarily guarantee you an interview when there is an opening, but if the administrator recognizes that you have been a good sub, he is more likely to recognize your name among a crowded list of applicants. Here are three things you can do as a substitute teacher that will get you noticed by administrators.

The Road Less Traveled 2016-07-21

The countdown is on for summer vacation. Students are not the only ones staring at the calendar. Substitute teachers are marking off the days until they don't have to keep the ringer on high, to catch early morning calls for jobs. They long for being able to stay up past nine o'clock on school nights and letting the GPS rest, from having to find obscure schools.

10 Creative Spring Activities for Your Students 2016-07-21

Spring is a beautiful time of year that offers many opportunities for learning and growth. This season is all about rebirth, renewal, and discovery. Here are 10 creative ideas to teach your students about the wonders of Spring.

Common Core Primer For Substitute Teachers 2016-07-21

In 2004, a report, titled Ready or Not: Creating a High School Diploma That Counts, found that employers and colleges were expecting more from high school graduates than ever before. The report also determined that high school graduates fell short of these expectations and that the American school system was not providing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and future careers. The report also stated that the value of the high school diploma had lost value and did not allow the graduate to compete beyond high school. The Common Core initiative became the solution to this problem, setting rigorous standards nationwide.

Making the Most of Your Summer Break Through These Continuing Education Opportunities! 2016-07-21

For students and teachers alike, summer vacation means Popsicles, a break from your regular routine, and warmer weather to enjoy the beach, picnics, or possibly a few nights away. But teachers get an extra activity to look forward to: improving their teaching craft through continuing education classes and workshops!

Five Budget-Friendly Spring Break Ideas for Teachers 2016-05-23

Spring break is a coveted time for teachers; the precursor to summer and provides hardworking teachers with much-needed time to relax and recharge their batteries. Yet, teachers everywhere find themselves wondering what to do during their breaks. Exotic vacations are nice, of course, but many teachers are operating on a limited budget. Consider the following budget-friendly spring break ideas.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Five Simple Ways to Say Thank You 2016-05-23

It's that time of year again: time to show the teachers in your life how much they're appreciated. Teachers work hard all year long and the first week of May-- Teacher Appreciation Week-- is the perfect time to express your gratitude.

Be a Great Substitute Teacher: Model Respect! 2016-05-23

It is not really difficult to be a great substitute teacher. The main thing to remember is to respect each student who comes into your classroom, no matter who they are or how they behave. Children and adolescents respond to respect, even when they are not behaving as we would want them to.

Benefits of Substitute Teaching Are Scheduling Freedoms 2016-05-23

One of the chief benefits of substitute teaching is that you are free to create your own schedule. While school districts generally have some minimum requirements that you must work each month to stay active in their system (check with your current school district to find out what applies to you), generally you can pick the times, days, or even schools where you would prefer to sub.

What are the Benefits to Substitute Teaching? 2016-05-23

Every single day during the calendar school year, substitute teachers are employed to help make sure that class continues to run smoothly despite the absence of the instructor. While most people think of substitute teachers as temp workers, there are numerous benefits of substitute teaching.

Coursera - The Ultimate Professional Development and Teacher Training Resource 2016-04-19

Here are five on-demand courses that can be taken at your own pace and will help prepare you to be a better substitute teacher.

3 Fun Classroom Activities for St. Patrick’s Day 2016-04-19

Here are some great activity ideas you can do in your classroom for a fun and exciting St. Patrick’s Day.

Substitute Lesson Plans for Valentine's Day 2016-04-11

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and as a substitute, you know that having lesson plans for Valentine's Day tucked into your bag will help keep the kids engaged and entertained all day long. Whether you're subbing on Valentine's Day itself or on another day in early February, heart and love-related lesson plans are sure to keep the kids' attention.

Frontline Technologies Acquires CRS Advanced Technology and SubFinder 2016-04-11

Early in 2015, CRS Advanced Technology, the creator of SubFinder, was acquired by Frontline Technologies. Frontline Technologies is a provider of HR software for K-12 school districts, and has branched out into also offering a time and attendance system, applicant tracking system, and professional growth software. However, they are known best for their absence management and substitute placement system, Aesop, which they launched in 1998 and now serves approximately 5,000 school districts.. Aesop and SubFinder were in direct competition, which led to the acquisition.

First Aide For Substitute Teachers: Emergency Lesson Plans For Subsitutes 2016-04-11

If you are a substitute teacher, you may have had anxiety dreams of being called to substitute teach, at the last-minute, and accepting it before your morning coffee. In this dream, you come face to face with a classroom of unruly rebellious junior high school students. These students are ready to prey on all of your weaknesses and their favorite victims are substitute teachers.

Incorporating Technology into Literacy Blocks: Tips for Long-Term Subs 2016-03-10

If you're working as a long-term substitute teacher, you've probably got your hands full with familiarizing yourself with your curriculum, getting to know your students, and planning your lessons. If you teach elementary school or specialize in language arts, one of your many responsibilities is to provide students with engaging instruction during your literacy block.

All Booked Up: Five simple tips for getting more sub jobs 2016-03-10

Substitute teaching is more than showing up and collecting a pay check. If you want to be the sub that everyone calls back, then you'll need to stand out. Check out these five simple tips for getting called back more often.

The Most Troublesome Technology Problems in the Classroom (and what to do about them) 2016-03-10

Every substitute teacher can sympathize with the panicked feeling that sets in when all goes wrong with technology in the classroom. While instructional technology is a tremendous resource that motivates and engages students, it can also serve as the single point of failure in an otherwise great lesson. Here's how to handle two of the most common tech problems in the classroom.

Keep Yourself Healthy this Fall and Winter 2016-02-25

The leaves are starting to change color on the trees, apple trees are ready for picking and unfortunately students are already starting to get sick with cold and flu symptoms. As a substitute teacher it is important for you to stay as healthy as possible. It can be easy to catch something when you are working with young students day after day, but there some easy ways to try to prevent illness and keep yourself healthy and strong. Use these helpful tips to stay on top of your health this cold and flu season.

Think You're on Candid Camera in the Classroom? Here's What to Do. 2016-02-25

We live in an increasingly transparent world. Technologies such as smart phones, tablets, and reliable Internet access are every day teacher resources that we take for granted. They provide us with the opportunity to extend student learning beyond the classroom walls and engage it authentic learning experiences. Unfortunately, there are also risks with providing these tools in a classroom. There are more than 500,000 videos currently on YouTube showing teachers discreetly filmed during class without their knowledge or consent. Not only is this an invasion of privacy, but when singular teacher reactions or exchanges with students are taken out of context they can appear more condemning than they actually are. Here is how to respond if you suspect a student is taking videos of you during class.

Substitute Teacher Tip - Handling a Difficult Parent 2016-02-25

As a professional who works with students, it is inevitable that you will one day have to deal with an unhappy parent. As a substitute teacher, you are at a unique disadvantage because you are not likely to know the full background and previous history of a student. Many times a parent is reacting to the culmination of a number of previous incidents. If this happens, make an effort to redirect the conversation back to the topic at hand. If a parent tries to bring up something that happened earlier in the school year, be sure to emphasize that you cannot speak to that situation.

Concerns with SubAssistant in Tacoma, setting the record straight 2016-02-20

It's not often that SubAssistant makes the news, but when it does, we want to make sure the record is straight. An article published on February 20 by The News Tribune, a local publication covering the Tacoma, Washington area asked "What's behind a decline in the number of Tacoma's substitute teaching jobs?" The article's author, Debbie Cafazzo, presented three different angles: district administration, a local teacher's union, and anonymous substitute teachers.

You got a full Time Job! Now What? 2016-02-01

While substitute teaching is an enjoyable and reward experience, many teachers use this profession as a stepping stone toward a full time teaching position. Substitute teaching prepares you for everything from lesson planning to collaborating with colleagues, and even maintaining a positive and safe classroom environment. But despite this preparation, it is only natural that, upon getting selected as the successful candidate for a full time position, panic quickly sets in. Here are three things to do before your first day in front of your very own classroom that will make you a better teacher.

Classroom Management Tips for Reaching a Difficult Student 2016-02-01

As a substitute teacher, you work with many types of students. While some students are easy-going and adapt quickly to having a substitute teacher, other students may not adjust as easily. Here are some classroom management tips for dealing with a difficult student.

Free Substitute Teacher Resources from the Internet for Classroom Downtime 2016-02-01

You are only halfway through the class period and all of the students have finished the classwork left for them by their regular teacher. This situation could be a recipe for disaster if you aren't prepared. The internet is full of free substitute teacher resources that you can access in an instant if you know where to look. Keep this handy list of websites available for unexpected downtime in the classroom.

Want to Know How to Get Substitute Teaching Jobs? 2016-01-25

Are you looking for a flexible job and thinking about substituting in a school near you? If you don't have a plan on how to get sub jobs, don't despair! Below are some ideas that should help you. How do I know this? Because I am a substitute teacher that would like to help guide others in this profession.

Professional Development - Participate in an Unconference! 2016-01-25

Education conferences tend to be limited by their very structure. Sessions are pre-determined and pre-populated prior to the event and have a fixed amount of time. Sometimes there is too much time and participants are bored as the presenter tries to fill space; sometimes the topic requires more time than what was allotted and participants leave wanting more. Fortunately, there is a solution to the traditional conference. Maximize your own learning by participating in an unconference!

Learning to Be the Substitute Teacher Who Gets Called Back 2016-01-25

As a substitute teacher, you'll find that recurring jobs--that is, subbing frequently for the same teacher or department--are the best way to flesh out your schedule. You want regular classroom teachers to call you and recommend you to your colleagues. If you want to be a great substitute teacher, try some of these strategies.

How to Be a Great Substitute Teacher 2016-01-25

Do you want to be the "go to" substitute teacher that every teacher calls first to replace them when they are absent? Often students will try to misbehave while their regular teacher is absent and will test the waters to see how much mischief they can get away with. When a teacher is absent, there is nothing more comforting than being able to trust that the classroom is running smoothly in his or her absence.

Reviewing Lessons with Fun Classroom Activities 2016-01-25

You walk into the classroom and you can see the excitement on the students' faces when they find out that you are their substitute teacher for the day. This would be a substitute's dream! You can be the recipient of this warm reception by taking the lesson plans left for you by the classroom teacher and turning them into fun activities. While students think they are playing, you will be engaging them in some serious learning with these fun classroom activities.

Classroom Management: 2 Simple Tricks to Keep Students on Track 2015-12-10

Educators arguably have some of the most difficult jobs out there. The responsibility of educating young people carries great weight; and when you consider factors such as short attention spans, bursts of energy, and wandering minds, the level of difficulty increases exponentially. As a substitute, these challenges may be magnified even more by the fact that you are not the “normal” or “regular” teacher. However, this truth does not mean that your days of substitute teaching have to be fruitless. Take a look at a couple of simple classroom management tricks to help maximize your time for lessons.

Ideas for Substitute Teachers: 5 Things to Keep in Your Bag of Tricks 2015-12-10

Being prepared for the unexpected is a quality that can make you a great substitute teacher. A wonderful way to always be prepared is to carry a sub bag. A sub bag is essentially your bag of tricks for when the day does not go according the classroom teacher's plan.

Ghosts and Monsters and Bats - Oh My! Fun Classroom Activities For Halloween 2015-12-08

There's a chill in the air, a spicy smell of cinnamon and apples, and mountains of brightly colored leaves litter the sidewalks-yes, it's time for Halloween! We all know kids (and let's face it, a lot of us grown ups too!) absolutely adore Halloween, and the holiday presents an opportunity for some real fun in the classroom. Check out these five fun classroom activities for Halloween-these activities provide a good mixture of artsy fun and engaging writing and science lessons.

The Latest Student Technology Trend - Trouble Just Below the Surface 2015-12-08

Student misuse of mobile devices is a constant struggle for teachers. While there is great power and instructional potential when teachers harness this technology, unfortunately, it can be equally dangerous and destructive in a classroom when used inappropriately by students. The latest trend that every teacher should know about is a live video streaming app called Periscope.

The ABCs of Special Education 2015-12-08

While substitute teaching, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to work with special needs students. Here are some of the most common special education acronyms you will need to know to best address their educational needs (and meet state and federal laws and guidelines).

Substitute, Not Submissive: Maintaining Discipline in the Classroom 2015-11-30

For substitute teachers, maintaining classroom discipline can be quite challenging. You haven't had days and weeks to build a rapport with the students, and you don't have the same kind of institutional respect that the students give to permanent teachers. The students are constantly trying to play tricks on you, from switching names and seats to trying to get out of having to do assignments. But maintain discipline you must, so here are some tips and tricks...

Essential Tips for New Substitute Teachers 2015-11-22

Substitute teachers are essential to the school system. When the regular teacher is out sick or on leave, who saves the day? The substitute. Substitute teachers are invaluable for keeping the class learning and on track while the teacher is out, and without subs things would be very difficult for everyone involved. Being a sub is not always easy. Substitute teachers often receive less respect than regular teachers, and students are constantly trying to "pull one over" on them because they aren't always familiar with the day-to-day operations of the class. Here are some tips for subs on how to maintain order and execute your job faithfully.

Rock Your Teaching Interview! Tips for Success 2015-11-21

Do you have an upcoming interview or are you preparing for the possibility of receiving that exciting phone call? Check out these substitute teacher interview tips to set yourself up for a fantastic interview.

Daily Workouts for Being a Better Teacher: Four Compelling Reasons for Teachers to Exercise 2015-11-21

Although most of our teaching tips deal directly with what happens in the classroom, a case could also be made for a direct relationship between daily exercise and teaching. In short, even a minimal exercise routine can help you be a better teacher and benefit your classroom performance. Teachers who exercise regularly have a better shot at good moods, enhanced memory, and increased self-confidence.

3 Fundamental Tips Every Sub Should Hear 2015-11-21

It's no secret that being an educator is tough. Long hours, difficult students and lack of funding and resources make teaching a nearly impossible feat some days. And in some ways being a substitute teacher is an even tougher job than a full time teacher because of the lack of rapport with students and faculty. Luckily we're here to help with 3 great tips for subs.

Facing Open House as a Long Term Substitute 2015-11-01

If you recently landed a long term substitute teaching position for the new school year, congratulations! While lesson planning and classroom set up are likely on your mind, it's important not to forget that your first interaction with parents is also just over the horizon. Most schools schedule an open house during the first month back so that parents have the opportunity to meet their children's teachers and collect basic information from teachers that is crucial for success during the school year. For you as the teacher, open house is your chance to make a good first impression and foster a relationship between school and home.

Lonely Calendar? Learn How to Get More Jobs with These Great Tips! 2015-11-01

Is your subbing calendar feeling a little lonely lately? Are you hoping to book more jobs, but not sure how to create more opportunities? Check out this great advice to learn more about how to get jobs as a substitute teacher.

Engaging and Insightful Activities for the First Day of School 2015-11-01

Are you about to find yourself face to face with students on the first day of school? Check out these long term substitute teacher tips for engaging first day activities. These activities are designed for students to have FUN while you get a glimpse into their skills!

Building a Classroom Library: How to Find Free or Low-Priced Books 2015-09-22

It's no secret that any successful teacher needs access to books, and lots of them! Whether you're looking for a few new books to add to your subbing resources or getting ready to build your classroom library, check out these tips for subs to find great books for little or no money.

Leaving a Daily Report: How to Communicate with Classroom Teachers 2015-09-22

At the end of every subbing job, you should leave a daily report for the teacher with a detailed explanation of your day. These reports help the teacher understand how your day went and how the students performed in terms of behavior and productivity. Wondering what types of things you should include in your note? Here are some tips for subs for communicating with the classroom teacher.

Tips for Subs: Managing the Work/Life Balance 2015-08-27

Experienced teachers know that maintaining a proper work/life balance can be a struggle, especially with their nine-months-on, three-months-off schedule. During the school year, the nonstop grind wears you down, and you may find yourself wishing to borrow a few of those calm summer days that still seem so far away. Then, once you've rested during the first few weeks of summer, you may find yourself at a loss when it comes to filling all of those long, daylight hours.

Substitute Teacher Ideas: Too Much Time, and Not Enough to Do 2015-08-26

One of the best ways to maintain proper classroom control and keep your students both attentive and learning is to keep them occupied! One of a substitute teacher's worst nightmares is running out of things for students to do before the end of the school day. Today we would like to suggest three substitute teacher ideas for keeping any class occupied AND learning until the last bell of the day sounds.

Promote Reading with These Creative and Fun Classroom Activities 2015-08-24

One of the challenges of teaching early elementary grades is teaching students to enjoy reading before they have the ability to read for themselves. Today we would like to suggest four fun classroom activities that promote reading for enjoyment AND reading for learning in early elementary classrooms.

Substitute Classroom Games That Increase Your Students' Knowledge 2015-08-23

As a substitute teacher, you're often left to your own devices when it comes to creating fun classroom activities that will engage your students and actually teach them something. Skip out on games like "Doggy, Doggy Where's Your Bone?" and try out these challenging (but fun) games instead.

Fun Classroom Activities to Promote Classical Music in Education 2015-07-26

At a time when financial cuts seem to be sucking the arts out of every school's budget, we would like to offer the following fun classroom activities that will expose students to fine arts in a way that even the least musical teacher can incorporate.

As a substitute teacher, should I be trained in CPR? 2015-07-26

Currently, CPR training for teachers is only mandatory in the states of Indiana, Oregon, and Virginia. Just because it isn't a statutory requirement of the job, doesn't mean you should neglect to become certified in CPR. Not only will this make you a more desirable substitute teacher, but your knowledge about what to do in an emergency could save a student - or a loved one's - life.

How to Maximize Your Summer and Be a Great Substitute Teacher Next Fall 2015-07-26

When it comes to learning how to be a great substitute teacher, much of your skill will come from experience. Experience in the classroom is vital, of course, since nothing beats hands-on training; but often it is your experiences outside the classroom that can really set you apart as a teacher.

How Even a Substitute Teacher Can Keep a Kindergarten Class Calm 2015-07-26

The unique difficulties of teaching kindergarten often makes schools desperate for subs willing to take on these jobs. Learning how to keep a kindergarten class calm as a substitute teacher can help you go boldly where few subs dare.

Reflections on How to be a Great Substitute Teacher 2015-06-18

From time to time during a teacher's career, instead of holding a full-time position, one might find themselves needing a more flexible teaching status. Substitute teaching can be a great opportunity to stay involved in the field of education, without the commitment required of a full-time teacher. However, substitute teaching can bring its own set of stresses. Here are a few thoughts on how to be a great substitute teacher.

A Substitute Teacher's Personal Summer Reading Plan 2015-06-14

We encourage students to develop a lifelong reading habit, but have we unconsciously given up that habit ourselves? This summer, maybe it is time to get back to reading. What books have you read recently? Have you set reading goals for yourself? We would love to hear about them!

Quick automatic job alerts for Aesop subs 2015-06-14

The joys of being a sub are not waiting around to get a call, or endlessly reloading a web browser. It's getting in the classroom, and being that sub who makes all the kids anxiously hope it's their teacher who came down with a cold, just so they can have the cool sub that day. With SubAssistant, you can fill up your schedule while relaxing and recharging after a busy school-day.

The Who, What, Where, When and Whys of Substitute Training 2015-06-04

Substitute teaching is a uniquely challenging job and training for subs is becoming a common method of breaking into this rewarding and potentially profitable job. If you're on the fence about sub training, read on to find out why you should just jump right in as soon as possible.

Fun things for a Substitute Teacher to Enjoy During Summer Break! 2015-05-31

Some of the best things about being a substitute teacher are that you have a flexible schedule, you can leave your work to work-hours and not take grading or other work home with you, you get to know all kinds of students and teach all kind of subjects, and perhaps the best thing of all, you have summer off every year. Some substitute teachers take summer jobs and make a little extra money over summer vacation, but others love to take the summer off and relax or spend time with their children or grandchildren. If you love relaxing in the summer, you have probably spent the past few weeks just sleeping-in and soaking in the sun. If you're feeling relaxed and ready to go have a good time, here are a few fun things to enjoy during the summer...

Exploring Classroom Discipline: Using Alternate Words 2015-05-26

Classroom discipline, is something that is often needed to establish order within a classroom; however, sometimes there are certain methods that might seem harsh. Such as time-outs (which tends to make children feel ostracized from their peers), and even constant barrages of 'No!' 'Stop!' or 'Don't'. This is especially difficult to navigate if the children are having trouble listening altogether (and this does happen).

Great Substitutes Know How to Handle School Cell Phone Policies 2015-05-20

It is unfortunate that some students cannot handle the responsibility of a cell phone in school. Some schools even allow students to use these devices during instruction. For those with a zero tolerance policy, it's important to know what to do if you catch a student using a cell phone in class. Every school addresses this issue differently. Before starting the job, clarify with an administrator or whoever coordinates substitute placement in the building.

On the Fly Emergency Substitute Plans: For Kindergarten 2015-05-19

It's Monday, and you've been called into work. The only thing you know is that it's a kindergarten class, and you need emergency sub plans. Never fear, these plans will help any sub walk into a Kindergarten classroom with confidence!

Great Lesson Plan Ideas to Prepare You For Absolutely Anything 2015-05-18

Let's be honest, even the most veteran teachers can quake at the idea of subbing. A substitute teacher has to show up and be ready for anything. Quite often, you don't even know your assignment until you arrive at the main office. What grade will you have? Will it be one class for the whole day or one subject for the whole day? What sort of behaviors and learning concerns are you going to face?Luckily, there are some great lesson plan ideas that you can quickly tailor to a variety of situations.

Creating Substitute Teacher Worksheets That Truly Engage 2015-04-28

Poor substitute teachers treat their job like nothing more than highly paid babysitting. However, if you really want to truly impact your student's lives as a substitute teacher, you will take a more active role in their education. Creating your own substitute teacher worksheets is the best way you can make a mark as a substitute teacher. Designing engaging worksheets will not only help your students learn, but may lead to more stable teaching positions.

5 Ways Substitutes Can Make Ends Meet 2015-04-27

If you are a substitute teacher then you know how difficult it sometimes is to find jobs for substitutes. Even though teaching is your passion your current position may not always pay the bills which leaves you in a tough spot. If you are looking for a way to increase your hours and make ends meet try these ways for a substitute to make money.

Three Lesson Templates for Substitute Teachers 2015-04-26

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Imagine the horror of dealing with misbehaved and monstrous children all day, five days a week. That's an exaggeration, of course, and teaching can be very rewarding. However, it can be very tough. And it's even tougher for a substitute teacher. A substitute has to keep up with the regular teacher's lesson plans. Now if you only have to teach the class for one day, you can put in a movie or hand out a work sheet. But what if you have to take over the class for an extended period of time?

Four Tips to Keep in Mind as a Long-Term Substitute Teacher 2015-04-25

For some subs, the “here today, gone tomorrow” model works well: after all, if you run into a poorly behaved class one day, you're unlikely to see them again. However, taking on long-term substitute teaching position gives you a whole new realm of authority and a bunch of new tasks to perform to ensure your success. Keep these tips in mind when starting a new long-term subbing position.

Spring is Here! 5 Fantastic Spring Picture Books Plus Fun Classroom Activities 2015-03-30

Spring is finally here and we are all eager to shed our winter layers and enjoy some sunshine! Kids are always excited for spring, and spring brings fantastic teaching opportunities about the world around us. We have listed five fantastic picture books for younger elementary grades, and fun classroom activities that go hand-in-hand with each story.

Prepared to Improvise: Substitute Teacher Resources 2015-03-30

Improvising when planned lessons aren't working out is inevitable. These situations can be stressful but can also be easily managed. Preparing to improvise can be easy and valuable to a substitute teacher's ability to maintain a classroom. How have you improvised when things just aren't working out?

How to Use Humor to Be a Great Substitute Teacher 2015-03-12

If you're a new sub, you may feel a little nervous about starting. However, there's one substitute teacher tool that simply can't be beat when it comes to engaging a class and reaching them as people: humor. Humor breaks through the awkward barrier between sub and student and help you become a great substitute teacher.

10 Easy Ways to Get More Sub Jobs! 2015-03-05

Ten easy and effective ways to get more subbing jobs!

Great Substitute Teaching Resources and Blogs 2015-03-05

Substitute teachers are amazing. They enter the classroom, sometimes at a moments notice, prepared to take on the role of someone kids see every day. Sometimes they come as a welcomed surprise, and sometimes they are perceived as enemy number one. They never know what to expect unless you have been in that classroom before, and no one understands what it is like more than other substitute teachers. In addition to our blog, here are four great substitute teaching resources and blogs for subs to check out. Substitutes can unite as they read other's stories and what they have done in similar situations as well as for getting additional materials for those back up plans.

Free substitute webinar resources for February 2015 2015-02-26

All teachers know the importance of constantly improving their craft. If your New Year's resolution was to increase your involvement in professional development opportunities for substitute teachers, we can help. Often, PD is costly and requires time that could otherwise be spent on a substitute teaching assignment. Fortunately, free webinars from Simple K12 take care of both of these problems while still providing relevant and engaging learning experiences for teachers. Here are five free webinars provided in February that will help you be a better substitute teacher.

3 Ideas for Substitutes to Keep Students on Their Toes 2015-02-15

Teachers who work as substitutes know that it is something of an adventurous and often uncertain job. You will most likely substitute for multiple different grades in multiple different schools not knowing what to expect. You can prepare yourself and the lesson by trying these ideas for substitutes. Then you can walk into any classroom and be one step ahead.

Your Guide for Survival: Tips and Resources for Substitute Teachers 2015-02-07

Even if you're a licensed and experienced teacher, substituting can be an intimidating job. After all, managing your own classroom is an entirely different experience than stepping into a strange classroom and teaching students that you've never met. You might also find that the regular classroom teacher left you with little or no guidance, exacerbating an already challenging situation. Below we will discuss some tips and resources for substitute teachers-- experienced or not-- so that you can begin your next subbing job confident and prepared.

Making St. Patrick's Day Fun in the Classroom 2015-02-07

This time of year, there aren't a lot of fun holidays (especially after the excitement of Hanukkah and Christmas) available for teachers to spice up their lesson plans. With the few holidays there are this time of year, teachers must make the most of them. Here are a few options open to teachers to create fun and interactive lesson plans for St. Patrick's Day.

How do snow days affect a substitute teacher? 2015-02-07

With winter in full force, it is certain that some areas of the country are bound to experience snow days sometime before spring. While the snow day is highly revered among students, they can be quite the obstacle for teachers. This is even more so the case with substitute teachers.

Substitute Teacher Tips - Be a Better Hall Monitor 2015-01-18

Occasionally a school hires a substitute only to realize that he/she is not actually needed because the class was covered internally. In situations like these, the school often opts to keep the substitute teacher on hand for the purpose of providing additional support in other areas of the building. When this happens, the substitute teacher may need to handle the duties of a hall monitor or teacher aid. While these positions may not be ideal for a substitute teacher who is interested in working with students in a classroom, they are none the less important to the overall functioning of the school. If you find yourself hired to be a hall monitor for the day, here are some things to keep in mind.

Preparation is Key: Substitute Teacher Interview Tips 2015-01-17

Interviewing can be a stressful experience for even the most seasoned professionals. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward during an interview, but it can be difficult if you're not sure what to expect. Substitute teaching interviews can present their own unique challenges, as schools are looking for someone who can hit the ground running without a great deal of guidance or instruction. Preparation is key to alleviating some of the stress and anxiety associated with the interviewing process. Below we will discuss some substitute teacher interview tips and strategies to help you land your desired job.

Free On-Demand Professional Development Opportunities for Substitutes 2015-01-16

We understand that the life of a substitute teacher is a busy one. Every day holds unexpected challenges that require you to remain flexible. Because of this, it can be difficult to reserve time for professional development. Fortunately, there's a solution.

Five Kid-Approved Games to Improve Classroom Management 2015-01-15

Effective substitute teacher classroom management is a special challenge because a substitue may often see a group of students only once! Try these five student approved games designed to keep students successful and engaged!

Classroom Discipline: Tips for Subs 2015-01-10

Classroom management can be challenging when substitute teaching. You will most definitely learn some tips and tricks as you sub more often! For now, we know you will find these classroom discipline ideas to be very helpful in your subbing experience!

Updated EasyAccept process 2014-12-18

We've made some changes to the way EasyAccept works on your mobile device when accepting jobs. Click the title continue reading.

Survive and Thrive: Long Term Substitute Teacher Tips 2014-12-14

Long term substitute teaching can be an extremely rewarding experience if you're prepared for the role. Below we will discuss some long term substitute teacher tips.

How to Teach a Lesson More Effectively 2014-12-13

The more you teach, the better you will get at it (hopefully)! Subbing requires a lot of "on the job training". You learn things that went well and not so well along the way. Here are some tips about how teach a lesson more effectively! Give them a try!

Substitute Teacher Training 2014-12-02

Each school district offers a variety of substitute teacher training classes. Some sub trainings are excellent. The districts offer "tips and tricks" for successful subbing, classroom management ideas, and safety trainings. In case your district didn't prepare you enough, here are some "out of the box" ideas for you!

How to Get Sub Jobs 2014-12-01

Substitute teaching is an enjoyable job, but sometimes it is difficult to get the job assignment in the first place. Here are some tips on how to get sub jobs and keep those jobs coming!

Keeping Yourself Healthy During the Dreaded Fall Flu Season: Some Tips for Subs 2014-11-30

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the annual flu season can be unpredictable, usually coming on during the fall and peaking between December and February. Is it any wonder, with students kept inside more during the cold months, that bacteria tends to spread more quickly? Since we know that flu season is coming, it is in our best interests to ensure that we are prepared to keep ourselves healthy.

How to Be a Great Substitute Teacher 2014-11-29

Are you new to substituting? If so, welcome to an exciting job! Each day is adventurous and unpredictable! I'm here to help you learn how to be a great substitute teacher! Follow these tips for a successful career in substitute teaching!

Gobble Up These Fun Thanksgiving-Themed Classroom Activities & Games 2014-11-17

Thanksgiving is often viewed as more of a history lesson than a fun holiday. You can change that with these fun classroom activities for the Thanksgiving season. Your students can have a good time and learn what it was really like on that first Thanksgiving.

Three Benefits of Using a Substitute Teacher App 2014-10-30

In former school days, substitute teachers arranged their jobs the old-fashioned way: they waited around for phone calls. Even as the twenty-first century took us ineo the early days of of e-mail, substitutes still felt chained to the desk, hitting "refresh" continuously to prevent missing out on job alerts. Fortunately, these days are in the past. Now, with the advent of such technology as the substitute teacher app, there's no more putting your day on hold and waiting around for jobs. Substitutes have a world of possibilities at their fingertips, and the benefits are three fold.

Knowledge is Power: be a Better Teacher 2014-10-19

The world of educational psychology has many different perspectives and opinions on what learning is. Each has their own unique way of defining the world and studying it. Of these perspectives three stand out as being major influences on the study of educational psychology; Behaviorism, Social Cognitive Theory, and Cognitive Psychology. One way to be a better teacher is to understand these perspectives and be able to spot them in the classroom teacher's lessons plans. Understanding what perspective the classroom teacher employs can give a substitute insight into what the students are used to.

How to get requested more often as a substitute teacher 2014-10-13

SubAssistant is a great way to get your foot in the door as a new substitute teacher. But, ultimately, we'd all rather have teachers clamoring over each other to request us as a sub for their classroom! STEDI recently listed a list of suggestions, sourced from substitute teachers, on how to become a more requested substitute teacher.

A Few Fun Classroom Activity Ideas 2014-10-12

Depending on the ability of the students, the subject being taught, and such considerations as classroom size and resources, a variety of fun classroom activities can be used to spice up learning.

Halloween Lesson Plans: a Variety of Options 2014-10-11

When it comes to lesson plans for Halloween, the web offers a wide variety of options; however, not every lesson plan available online will be suitable for every teacher or classroom.

Free online professional development for substitute teachers 2014-10-11

MIT, Harvard, and many other prestigious universities from around the world have begun working together to provide high-quality education to anyone who wants it, for free. This is a phenomenal opportunity for professional development for substitute teachers.

Job Alert Q&A 2014-09-23

Substitute teaching is enough of a challenge without making the process of finding and accepting jobs needlessly complicated. We here at SubAssist are committed to helping you pare down the process to the bare minimum, ensuring that your attention and energy can be focused in the areas that really count -- your students.

Substitute teacher resource - 2014-09-23 is a valuable online substitute teacher resource that has been gaining significant traction among educators since first launching in 2006. The site is "the world's first and largest open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their original resources."

September Lesson Plan Reminders 2014-09-04

As you settle down to work out your lesson plans for September, bear in mind that there are a handful of secular and religious holidays around which to base some of your units.

Stop Waiting For Jobs--We'll Bring Them To You. Anytime. Anywhere! 2014-09-03

American author H. Jackson Brown, who is best known for his New York Times bestseller "Life's Little Instruction Book," was quoted as saying: "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity." This saying can certainly ring true if you are a substitute teacher who relies on regular employment.

Lack of calls from SubFinder? You might be disqualified 2014-08-24

As a substitute teacher vying for a scare number of available jobs, you need to be aware of all the factors that affect your good standing as a substitute teacher in your district. The SubAssistant blog as numerous articles about how to be a great sub, but there are some things that don't have to do with your performance in the classroom.

Welcome aboard! Advice for a new substitute teacher 2014-08-17

If you are a new substitute teacher, welcome to an exciting and rewarding profession! A new school year is beginning soon and the thought of having to enter an unfamiliar school for the first time may cause some unnecessary anxiety. Here are some tips that will make walking through the doors of a new school a little easier.

SubAssistant's New Substitute Teacher Tips & Tricks Roundup! 2014-08-17

The 2014-2015 school year is upon us and many of you are getting into substitute teaching for the first time. We've posted a lot tips and guidance for new substitute teachers over the past couple years, so we're rounding up the most popular "new sub" posts here. If you're a new sub, take a minute to check out the posts below to help make those first few days in the classroom just a little less stressful. If you're not a sub but know someone who is, take a moment to share this list with him/her!

Back to School and Back to Work, SubAssistant can help! 2014-08-09

Start off your school year knowing SubAssistant will send you alerts whenever a job is available. Not only that, by using SubAssistant, you can easily accept jobs directly from the alerts you receive from SubAssistant. Using SubAssistant frees you from constantly sitting at your computer hitting "refresh" hoping a job will appear. Let SubAssistant do the boring work so you can go about your life!

Three Ideas to Help Substitute Teachers Get Back into the Groove 2014-08-08

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of preparing for a new year, though, a psychological one. After weeks and weeks of sun, fun, and lax schedules, some educators struggle to get their minds back into the teaching groove. That is why we have put together this list of ways to help subs get back into the groove.

Free substitute webinar resources for August 2014 2014-08-07

With only a few weeks remaining until school resumes, now is the time to take advantage of last minuteprofessional development for substitute teachers to prepare you your return to the classroom. If you missed our recommended free webinars for July, take a look at what we've handpicked for the last two weeks in August.

Have a Successful and Peaceful Day Substituting Teaching 2014-08-04

Substitute teaching is a rewarding and tough job. You are thrown into a new environment with total strangers and expected to lead them through a successful day. Inside are some simple guidelines that can help you maintain a peaceful, and ultimately fun environment.

Substitute Teacher Interview Tips: How to Land the Job You Want 2014-08-03

Are you interested in becoming a substitute teacher? If so, you will likely have an interview and there's no doubt that you want to make a good impression on the interviewer. The substitute teacher interview tips below will help you get the position that you're after.

Three Reasons to Attend a Substitute Teacher Workshop 2014-08-03

Even if substitute teacher workshops are not required by the school system in which you work, they can carry distinct benefits for attenders, especially for new substitute teachers or those returning to the field after a significant absence. Although sessions require a time commitment, they can reap rich dividends for those willing to participate.

Three Reasons Not to Overlook Professional Development for Substitute Teachers 2014-08-03

If there is an aspect of education that does not get sufficient attention, it is the need for professional development for substitute teachers. The position of substitute teacher is demanding -- in many ways, more demanding than that of the regular classroom teacher, who has established routines and natural daily rhythms to bolster his or her daily activities. It is essential, therefore, that substitute teachers engage in every development opportunity available so that they can more easily manage their task.

How to make the most of summer vacation if you are a substitute teacher 2014-07-10

The final exams are graded, students have left the building, and teachers are locking their classroom doors, not to be unlocked until fall. Unfortunately for substitute teachers, this means there will be no employment over the summer months. Instead of waiting idly, make the most of summer vacation. Here's how.

Substitute Teacher Interview Tips: How to Land the Job You Want 2014-07-10

Are you interested in becoming a substitute teacher? If so, you will likely have an interview and there’s no doubt that you want to make a good impression on the interviewer. The substitute teacher interview tips below will help you get the position that you’re after.

Free substitute webinar resources for July 2014 2014-06-28

Last summer, we published a series of posts outlining webinars ideal for substitute teachers interested in free professional development to prepare them for the upcoming school year. The posts proved so helpful that we've decided to do it again! Below are five webinars available in July from SimpleK12, an online teacher learning community.

Tips from the Pros: How to be a Great Substitute Teacher 2014-06-23

Substitute teaching is a great opportunity. It allows you to step inside a classroom and teach our future, but on a flexible schedule. While you may hear horror stories about substitute teaching, it really isn’t that bad if you know what you are doing. Check out the tips that follow and learn how to be a great substitute teacher who gets called back day after day!

Emergency Sub Plans for Elementary School: How to Keep the Students Engaged 2014-06-18

As a substitute teacher, you never really know what you are going to walk into. The classroom teacher may have left detailed lesson plans that tell you exactly what you should do with the students each minute of the day. On the other hand, you may walk into a classroom where there are no plans and it’s just you and the students staring blankly at each other. Because of this, you should always be prepared as a substitute teacher with emergency sub plans.

Four Easy Steps toward Being a Great Substitute Teacher 2014-06-07

If you knew that there were steps you could take to make life easier on yourself, would you want to take them? Of course you would. To help you out, we've got a list of nine easy ways to manage be a great substitute teacher. All that remains is for you to follow them.

Digital Riches: Harvesting Tips and Resources for Substitute Teachers from the Internet 2014-05-30

New and experienced substitutes alike are always on the alert for handy tips and resources for substitute teachers. Those with less experience, of course, are hoping to learn from their more practiced counterparts, and those with experience know that there's always more to learn and new ways to improve.

Classroom Strategies for Long-Term Substitute Teaching 2014-05-26

Long term substitute teachers and students can face many obstacles that affect the classroom environment and the learning that should be taking place. A new face in the classroom is sure to cause some distractions early on but by following a few simple strategies the transition can go smoothly. Remember for the next few weeks or months you are now the teacher.

Classroom management - What to do with a misbehaving student 2014-05-26

As a substitute teacher, it is likely that you will encounter a disruptive student in your classroom. Classroom management can be challenging for a substitute since you do not have time to establish rapport and are unaware of previous incidents other extenuating circumstances the student faces (such as home life, special needs, etc.). The best approach to handling an unruly student is to walk in to school equipped with a solid approach to dealing with this inevitable obstacle.

Ideas for Substitutes: Engaging Children with ADHD by Playing to Their Strengths 2014-04-17

Any substitute teacher walking into a classroom will probably have at least one child with an ADHD diagnosis in the room, no matter the age group. According to the CDC, about 10% of students ages 3 - 17 have been diagnosed with this disability. Instead of having to deal with it, or even fear it, embrace the children who struggle with this issue by knowing their strengths. Then keep them in the back of your mind so that when a child is struggling, you can come up with ideas for substitutes to help them succeed.

Free Teacher Resources: Lesson Plan Libraries for Math, Social Studies, Science and Reading 2014-04-16

When it comes to free teacher resources, substitute teachers should really be more on the ball than permanent teachers. After all, subs don't have the benefit of access to all the resources available to those with a tenured gig. Check out the vast wealth of tools available for use by substitute teachers out there that are all completely free.

Three Overlooked Sources for Substitute Teaching Resources 2014-04-08

Woe to the substitute up late the night before a lesson combing the internet for free handouts and reproducibles. With just a little bit of extra effort, it's possible to glean excellent substitute teaching resource material on your own by looking no further than three oft-overlooked sources.

Substitute Teacher Ideas: What Happened During April? 2014-04-03

So here it is April, the school year is almost over and you have just about used up all your best substitute teacher ideas. What to do? The answer is right there in front of you. Turns out April has been an exceedingly fruitful month through the years for events capable of being turned into assignments.

Obviously, People From Texas Eat Squirrels: Teaching Kids The Value of Mnemonics 2014-03-25

One of the most valuable teaching ideas for substitutes to keep in their back pocket is the memory tool known as mnemonics. Why is this a valuable teaching idea for substitutes? Because you can use it with students of any grade and in just about any class.

Three Easy and Unexpected Tips to Being a Better Teacher 2014-03-19

If interviewed, probably every classroom professional would admit the desire to be a better teacher. For this reason, teachers attend seminars, work on professional development, undergo evaluations, and study to stay current in their respective fields. There are, however, three easy and unexpected changes that most teachers can make right now in order to be better teachers.

The Substitute Teacher Dilemma: How to get more jobs... 2014-03-06

Once you have had your first few subbing opportunities under your belt, you can't help but wonder how to get more jobs. Many school districts try to send out notifications to everyone so that all substitute teachers have an "even playing field," but you know there are certain subs that seem to be called all the time, and you want to be in that group.

Three Benefits of Collaborative Professional Development 2014-03-04

Teachers are under constant pressure to stay on top of developments in their own fields. They read blog posts, books, and magazine articles. They attend seminars. They keep themselves apprised of current research and discoveries, often sharing what they are learning with colleagues who teach similar subjects. Because this process is often time-consuming, many teachers find little time left over for collaborative professional development. This is a shame, really, because collaborative development offers benefits that cannot be found any other way.

Substitute Teaching in Special Education 2014-03-03

For many special education teachers, getting a substitute when they are gone can be a real struggle. People feel uncomfortable dealing with kids they do not understand, and many people form stereotypes about special education children. This misconception has led many people to avoid substitute teaching in special education classrooms. It is important to understand special education is not a part of the school to fear but a place where you can have great substituting experiences. In most schools, special education will be divided into different levels to accommodate the different students’ needs.

Be a Better Sub by Staying Healthy This Winter 2014-02-18

Winter is upon us full force, and that means there are a variety of viruses going around. A substitute teacher is so important during these months because they are the ones that need to come in and continue educating students when the regular teacher is out with a cold, flu, or stomach bug. For this reason, substitute teachers have to be especially careful to stay healthy because calling in sick is usually not an option. Use these tips to strengthen your immune system and be a better sub during cold and flu season.

A successful substitute teacher is a professional substitute teacher 2014-02-11

Putting aside classroom management and emergency lesson planning, the real icing on the cake that is you as a sub is presenting yourself to your peers in a professional and mature manner. You can be the best at orchestrating a well-run classroom, but if you present yourself in a poor manner to the school's students and staff, you won't likely be asked to return.

Sports-Themed Ideas for Substitute Teachers 2014-02-06

A sports-themed lesson plans is great tool in the bag of ideas for substitute teachers. The wide world of sports offers an enormous resource of topics for projects, papers, presentations and just about any type of classroom assignment in between.

Four Fun Classroom Activities When You Are In A Pinch 2014-02-04

As a substitute teacher, the day can be stressful enough. Between taking attendance and trying to understand and fulfill the teacher's plans to the best of your ability, it can be a handful. Of course then there are always those extra ten minutes that seem to appear out of thin air. Using some fun classroom activities can be a great way to keep kids engaged and motivated during those spans of time.

Three Important Steps to Making a Splash as a Substitute Teacher 2014-01-23

Let's be honest: subbing is not always the easiest job in the world. But being a substitute teacher is not about taking the easy path. It is about putting our best professional feet forward in an effort to ensure that educational excellence continues even in the unfortunate event that a classroom teacher is ill or facing a personal crisis. (Or away on a holiday. Let's not be completely pessimistic!) Although the following steps might sound as if they might take a bit of extra time or personal effort, remember that they are worth the investment.

Lesson Plan Templates Take the Hassle Out of Planning 2014-01-16

Early in our teaching careers, we no doubt all found lesson planning to be a complete mystery. While engaging in this often time-sucking task, perhaps we begrudged each minute spent behind the desk, wondering if all of this paperwork was what we really signed up for. After all, when we pictured ourselves as teachers, we likely did not imagine that it would involve so much paperwork! Even if you are new to the skill, lesson planning does not need to be a source of frustration. By following some simple steps, you can decode the mystery and fall into a planning rhythm that suits your needs.

Teach a Lesson More Effectively as a Sub 2014-01-09

Substitute teaching is no longer seen as babysitting. With rising costs for schools and a growing population of students, substitutes are now being viewed as the vital resource they are. As a substitute it is imperative that the tasks left by the classroom teacher are completed effectively. Being an effective substitute is much like being an effective teacher yet in some way it is more challenging. In most cases you will not know the students as well as their teacher. You may not be as knowledgeable on the subject area as the teacher, this is less of an issue at the lower grades but anyone who has walked into a 12th grade AP Physics class will tell you, this can be a challenge. And most importantly you have less time to prepare. So how can you conquer these challenges and teach a lesson more effectively?

Classroom Behavioral Management 101 for New Substitutes 2014-01-02

As a new substitute teacher, entering a classroom for the first time may be both exciting and anxiety-provoking. Effective teaching involves more than providing quality instruction- establishing expectations and managing student behavior are key to being successful (and being invited back to sub in the building!). The following tips will help substitutes prevent and respond effectively to behavioral issues in the classroom.

Commandments for Effective Substitute Teaching 2013-12-28

Being an effective substitute takes some preparation. Many people who start subbing are already in education or are enrolled in an education degree program. But for those of you who may not have educational experience here is a rundown of some effective substitute teaching strategies that can make your day more successful.

Classroom Survival - substitute teacher lesson plan 2013-12-22

When you actively seek the challenging experience of working as a substitute teacher, there are certainly a few tools or tricks of the trade you should never be without. Regardless of what age group or grade level you are assigned to teach on any given day, you can be prepared with basics like extra pencils (or other writing instruments such as crayons or markers), a good sense of humor (or you may end up in tears before the bell rings marking the end of the first period of the day!), and a well thought-out plan of action (or the students will surely create their own, thus taking away any semblance of control or order you may intend to gain).

SubFinder tips and tricks for substitutes - Preference Lists 2013-12-19

Securing work as a substitute teacher is more than getting job notifications and responding faster than another sub, it's about being a great sub and making sure the schools know about it. Accepting jobs online, not rejecting jobs that are you are called on, and then showing up and doing an excellent job can all contribute to your position on SubFinder's preference lists.

Classroom Discipline: Button Pushing 2013-12-05

Classroom discipline can be easier if teacher teach students about button pushing which produces unproductive conflict. What do we mean by button pushing? Godwin gives us insight into button pushing that happens in the classroom. You have probably seen it many times, it's when someone finds what irritates a person and then purposely irritates that person. Buttons are places where individuals feel insecure, weak, or easily threatened.

Emergency Lesson Plans for Substitutes in the Art Classroom 2013-11-29

Sometimes, substituting is straight-forward and to the point. Other times, it can be confusing at best. If you get called into an Art classroom, and you have no background in art, the assignment can be... well, intimidating. If you have no art skills, it may be unlikely that you will know how to teach the lesson the teacher intended to present that day. So, assuming there are no instructions left for you, what do you do? Do you tell the kids to "draw something"? Allow us to suggest an art lesson you can add to your collection of emergency lesson plans.

Center Stage - How to Teach a Lesson More Effectively 2013-11-21

You've gotten at least a few sub jobs by now. You're starting to get the hang of how things work. You're becoming familiar with the policies and routines of your local schools. Maybe you've even been asked to do a long-term subbing assignment for a teacher out on leave. Now, take a moment to reflect on the quality of your teaching. Is it the best it can possibly be? Or are there a few things that are still in the realm of mystery to you?

New Subs: How to Get More Jobs 2013-11-19

How to get more work... It seems simple, right? Well, let's clarify something, here. This post is NOT for people who substitute teach because it's "an easy paycheck," or because it's "paid babysitting." If that's you, stop reading. Close this tab. Go read something else.

Finding Free Teacher Resources on the Web 2013-11-04

Let's face it. Subs don't get paid that much. Not enough to spend all those hours at home writing lesson plans. However, with just a little time surfing the web, you can put together your own binder of emergency lesson plans in a broad range of grades and subject areas. There are literally hundreds of sites offering free teacher resources on the web. So, where do you start?

Be a Prepared Professional with Substitute Teacher Printables 2013-10-28

Wondering what to do with a classroom full of students on your first day at a new school where you have not worked as a substitute teacher in the past? As a professional substitute teacher, you must be prepared for situations in which there is no lesson plan for you to follow to ensure cohesiveness of the learning experience for the students in your classroom that day.

Fun Classroom Activities For a Substitute Teacher 2013-10-10

As a substitute teacher, you need to be prepared for anything! There could be times when you show up to a classroom and there are no plans left for you or not enough to get you through the day. You need to keep the students busy at all times in order for the day to go smoothly. If the students have work or activities to do, the day will not drag, and the most importantly, students will have the opportunity to learn from you. Here is a list of fun classroom activities that a substitute can use.

Substitute Resources to Help you Get the Jobs You Want 2013-10-03

Each substitute teacher has his or her favorite classes to teach. Some enjoy the little elementary school kids. Others enjoy high school English or math classes. No matter your favorite classes to teach, substitute teachers should be equipped with a figurative box of substitute resources to increase their chances of teaching in the classes they enjoy most.

Job Notifications for Substitute Teachers have Never Been Easier 2013-09-29

Certainly, the life of a substitute teacher can be an unpredictable existence. Not knowing when your next job is coming and from where can lead to worry, stress, and a whole host of other difficult and unpleasant emotions that can overwhelm your life. It's been said before that "necessity is the mother of invention". Indeed, it is easy to see that there is a necessity to find a way to help substitute teachers alleviate some of this negative state of mind, and alas American ingenuity and inventiveness has come to the rescue.

How To Get Substitute Teacher Jobs 2013-09-22

The demand for substitute teachers can vary from district to district. Even after you made the decision to substitute you must go through certain steps before you can begin working. There are also ways to help improve your chances of getting called to substitute teach.

Discovering a Sub's Best Sidekick 2013-09-12

When substitute teaching, it can be a battle to get good substitute teaching jobs. While you’re working or doing things with your family, it might seem someone else is always scooping up all the good jobs. If you have been substitute teaching for a while, it might be frustrating to see others getting more jobs, and it might be annoying to find yourself only getting the jobs no one else wants. It may seem like you have to pick between having a life and getting decent substitute teaching jobs. You have a few of options.

Proper Classroom Management for Inappropriate Language 2013-09-08

What should a substitute teacher do when confronted by inappropriate language in the classroom? An article on the National Educational Association website by K-12 substitute teacher Doug Provencio, provides some recommendations.

Tips for Subs During and After Class: Using Psychology to Avoid a Bad Day 2013-08-29

If you've decided to become a substitute teacher, you might be seeking out tips for subs that can make your life easier. No matter what tips you find, you can't expect the life of a substitute teacher to be perfect every day. You're going to have very good days, but also very bad days based on various issues ranging from disorganization to rowdy students. Using a little psychology, though, the best tips involve dealing with situations during and after class.

Sub Tips: Set Clear Expectations for a Self-Managing Classroom 2013-08-27

When instructional time is limited, you need tactics and the skills to manage your classroom quickly and efficiently. What can be more efficient than a classroom that manages itself?

Get Ready for Substitute Teaching this Fall and Pack Your Bag with 8 Essentials 2013-08-21

The start of another school year is just around the corner and you plan on substitute teaching. Pack a bag with some tools that you take with you every day and you will be prepared for every situation. Find a bag, and start filling it with these important items that may just may save the day.

Subbing Plans: Encourage Student Literacy Through Pleasurable Reading 2013-08-18

What can you, as a substitute teacher, include in your subbing plans to help keep students interested in reading other than lecturing them about the value of being literate, which is more apt to turn them off than turn them on to the pleasures of reading?

Earn more subbing jobs by being professional 2013-08-14

While SubAssistant is an excellent tool to help you secure additional jobs from SubFinder, SmartFindExpress, or Aesop, the real "win" comes when a teacher reaches out and specifically requests you to cover an absence. One way to earn a reputation as a stellar substitute is to show your professionalism by leaving the classroom as you found it.

Be a Better Teacher: Expect the Unexpected 2013-08-08

Do you want to be a better teacher or substitute teacher? A mark of great teachers is that they continue to strive to become better at their craft. One veteran teacher shares that he learned his very best tip from his former Little League coach. His training on the baseball diamond saw him through many an inning, carrying over to his stint in Vietnam in the 1970s and well into his years as a high school teacher. "Always anticipate what might come at you next," taught his Little League coach. "What will you do if a ball comes at you from the 3 o'clock position?" "What plan of attack will you take if you get a fast fall straight on?" "Do your thinking before the ball is even in play. Those extra seconds will be the difference between success and failure." "Always anticipate what your opponent might do."

Earning a great reputation can mean more subbing jobs 2013-07-31

According to the United States Department of Labor there is an estimated 619,700 substitute teachers in the U.S. Of this number, 579,370 were employed by elementary and secondary schools. The states with the highest average hourly wage were Hawaii ($20.98), Oregon ($20.66) and California ($19.40). In many areas, competition for subbing jobs can be fierce. So how can a substitute stand out from among their peers and land more jobs?

Free substitute teacher webinar resources for August 2013-07-25

Last month we featured a series of free professional development webinars to help you be a more informed and effective substitute teacher. In case you missed them, here are our free substitute teacher resources for August!

Don't Wait for Fall, Apply for Substitute Teaching Jobs During the Summer 2013-07-19

If you're considering applying for a substitute teaching position, don't wait for school to be in session to get the process started. In most cases, the application, approval, and training procedures take time, and you will benefit from getting a jump on things in the summer months.

Lesson Plans for Substitutes: 3 Tips for Working with the Classroom Teacher 2013-07-11

Busy classroom teachers need dependable, skilled substitutes that are ready to teach at the drop of a hat. Teachers, working together, can create a cohesive educational experience for their students. Lesson plans for substitutes should complement the regular teacher's work but you should feel confident about showcasing your own teaching style, too. If you want to achieve the ideal balance, implement these three tips into your lesson prep.

Substitute Teacher Training Requirements: Researching Local and State Agencies Works Best 2013-07-05

Substitute teacher training requirements vary from state to state. For anyone desiring to acquire a substitute teaching position, it is wise to check out the steps listed within the individual state's website as well as those of specific school systems.

Free substitute teacher webinar resources for July 2013-06-27

Simplek12 is an excellent resource for substitute teachers who are looking to improve their teaching skills. Not only is it a place to connect with other educators and share ideas, but Simplek12 also hosts daily web conferences, or webinars, led by notable educators. Best of all, these webinars are completely free to attend. Here are five webinars in July that will help you to become a better substitute teacher.

Lesson Plan Ideas for Substitute Teachers: Descriptive Writing 2013-06-20

Maybe you’re new to substitute teaching, or maybe you’ve been doing it for years. Either way you’ve probably found yourself in the position of gazing out into twenty five bored or expectant faces, waiting for you to make your move. And the teacher hasn’t left a lesson plan. It’s a good idea to compile your own binder of interesting and engaging lesson plan ideas for when that happens. Here’s one to add to your files.

The Secret of Enforceable Statements 2013-06-18

As a substitute teacher, you are expected to verbalize your expectations of the students in your charge that day. When you do this, you should choose your words wisely and be aware of how you phrase your requests. Remember that the only behavior we can control is our own, and the way we state our expectations should reflect that. Here are some examples of statements that are not enforceable:

The pros and cons of substitute teaching in a private school 2013-06-13

As a substitute teacher, you will have the opportunity to teach at a variety of different schools in your area. The most common are public, but charter, private, and parochial schools also make up a significant amount of potential employment opportunities. These types of schools offer unique strengths and challenges for a substitute teacher.

How to prepare for a long term substitute position 2013-06-08

A long term substitute position is a great opportunity to gain valuable classroom experience while simultaneously adding to your resume. The requirements and challenges of a long term position means it must be approached differently than a day-to-day subbing position. It is possible that the position may open up full-time or other positions may become available in that school; it is important to put your best foot forward and show that you are an excellent candidate for a permanent position.

Ready or Not, You're Subbing Today: Emergency Lesson Plans for the English Substitute 2013-05-30

It's 6 a.m., and you receive the "Can you come in today" call. Of course you say "yes" and then you hear: "The teacher left no lesson plans. Can you manage?" This is the moment when you realize you need a diverse collection of emergency lesson plans. For any substitute teacher who ends up in a middle school English classroom with no lesson plans, we have a creative writing activity which will be a "must-add" to your growing collection of emergency lesson plans.

Become a better teacher by attending summer workshops and conferences 2013-05-22

Summer is almost here and for substitute teachers this means a break employment. But that shouldn't mean a break in your own professional learning. Trends in education are always changing and a substitute who demonstrates their understanding of these new trends will likely receive more jobs.

What The End of the School Year Means For You 2013-05-17

Teaching is a very unique career, particularly in regard to its annual working schedule. Not many other jobs have the summer months off. What does that mean for you as a teacher? After about nine months of frantic activity spent looking for substitute teaching opportunities, preparing lesson plans, and, of course, teaching, there's a sudden three month void to fill at the end of the school year.

How to Create Great Discussion Questions 2013-05-09

Engaging students in classroom discussion is a vital part of the learning process. It helps flex and strengthen cognitive muscles that students need to analyze, reason, process, and determine relationships. It’s also great for emergency lesson plans and stretching time! If you’re left without a sub plan and decide to read a short story aloud, or if you’ve been left with reading or viewing material but no follow-up activity, being able to create challenging and engaging discussion questions on the fly is an invaluable tool.

But I'm Just the Substitute Teacher! 2013-05-02

There is no such thing as "just" the substitute teacher! Full-time classroom teachers depend on good substitute teachers to maintain the educational environment in their classroom when they cannot be there. While it may only be your class for a day, make that day count. There are several steps a substitute teacher can take to ensure a positive experience.

How To Get More Jobs As A Sub, Meeting The Challenge 2013-04-28

Sometimes the most challenging part of being a substitute teacher is finding the opportunities to do it! Sitting at home waiting for that phone call can be frustrating, even defeating. With a few simple tips, however, you can get yourself off the couch and into the classroom.

Classroom Management: It's Crystal Ball Clear 2013-04-21

ou don't have to be clairvoyant to master classroom management. Maintaining order in a room full of adolescents is a challenge for any instructor. However, just as the psychic gazes into the crystal ball and tells what she sees, you also need to let your eyes do the work when it comes down to classroom management.

Three Ideas for Emergency Lesson Plans For Substitute Teachers 2013-04-11

Most of the classrooms you substitute in will come equipped with a lesson plan for the day. Some teachers will even prepare ahead of time, giving you a class seating chart and extra activities for the kids to do in case you run out of materials for the regular lesson. However, sometimes you arrive at a classroom and the teacher's absence was not only completely unexpected, but it was completely unplanned for as well. This can spell out trouble for the substitute who isn't prepared. That's when it helps to have emergency lesson plans for substitutes at your disposal.

Classroom Management Tips and Tricks 2013-04-07

It's 10am. There are at least three different conversations openly taking place, one kid is sitting on top of his desk, another keeps asking to go to the bathroom, each time taking two others who didn't ask, and you're pretty sure that a spitball just hit the wall behind you. All you can picture in your mind is the look on the principle's face when he opens the door to check on how things are going. Rule number one: whatever you do, don't lose your temper, yell (it won't faze them), or cry. Take a deep breath. All you need is a little classroom management.

Maintaining Classroom Discipline: A Seating Chart is a Substitute's Best Friend 2013-03-31

You step into the high school in high spirits. That substitute teaching job you've wanted has become a reality. After collecting the teacher's lesson plans from the main office, you find the classroom and shuffle through the packet. The plans are there. So are class rosters. You don't find seating charts. You can make it. Smooth sailing, right? Think again!

The Perks of Substitute Teaching Jobs 2013-03-24

If you prefer a flexible schedule, enjoy being with students, and can handle the pressure of 25 kids looking at you with big eyes, then a substitute teaching job might be for you! Here are some of the perks of being a substitute teacher, and what you can expect to get out of it.

3 Ways To Engage Your Students And Be A Better Teacher 2013-03-14

What other techniques have you come up with that help you to engage your students? If you haven't found one that suits you yet, try one of these. You'll be amazed at the results.

Help for Subs Teaching Difficult Topics 2013-03-10

So you needed the work and agreed to substitute teach today. Only now you're looking at the placement and starting to panic. If you've agreed to teach a class with a subject that is difficult for you, take a deep breath. Whether it is physics or calculus that has you concerned, there are some practical tips that will provide help for subs who dare to venture into these hard placements.

Classroom Management, Sticky Note Style 2013-03-03

As a substitute teacher you need a plan. You demand respect. Right? How do you quickly gain this respect and still have a great day substituting?

Behind The Scenes of a Substitute Teacher 2013-02-24

The role of a substitute teacher is vital to each school district. Without these professional workers classroom teachers quickly become over worked. There are some substitutes who feel their jobs are overlooked as being important. Although, some subs feel this way many of them stay in the profession because they love working with children. As with any job subbing has positive sides as well as negative sides about it.

Reading: The Simplest Emergency Sub Plans 2013-02-17

For every substitute teacher, the moment arrives when you realize you have a classroom of students looking at you with expectation, and you have no plan. Don't panic. Whether you're with kindergartners or teenagers, all students love being read to! The high-schoolers may roll their eyes or put their heads down, but they will enjoy it even if they won't admit it. Keep some books in your work bag so that when the moment strikes, you have your own emergency sub plans.

Teacher absenteeism and its affect on students 2013-02-13

An article in the USA Today discusses the affect of teacher absenteeism and its affects on students. The piece also brings to light research performed by the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights showing that nearly half of teachers miss more than 10 days in a typical 180-day school year.

Be A Better Sub By Teaming Up With The Full-Time Teacher 2013-02-10

Substitute teaching can be challenging. One way to be a better sub is to reach out and team up with the full-time teacher. You may be able to make life a little easier for both of you and create a better learning experience for the students. This is especially true if circumstances allow you to communicate with each other one-on-one

Tips For Subs: How To Avoid The Sunken Sub Scenario 2013-02-02

Over the years we have heard many suggestions on how to best handle the assignment of substitute teaching. Meeting a room full of new people can be hard enough but when the "people" are 3rd graders, it can become a whole new experience.

Practice Makes Perfect to Teach a Lesson More Effectively 2013-01-27

Which methods have you found to be most effective when trying to engage students to reinforce learning?

Substitute Teacher: A Vital Role Player in the Classroom 2013-01-20

So, you have decided to be a substitute teacher. Well, with your decision you are sure to hear those cute little words-that's not the way our teacher does it! Walking in a different class just about every other day is usually a challenging task-but you dare not let the students see you sweat.

Two Quick, Easy, Educational Games to Play with Middle/High School Students 2013-01-13

Uh oh. You’ve worked your way through a lesson plan but there are still 10 minutes left of class. When substitute teaching, it is important to have an activity or two to play in your back pocket when situations like this arise. Consider it a different type of emergency sub plan.

Tips from Substitute Teachers on Staying Healthy! 2013-01-08

As the weather continues to get colder, the colds and coughs come out in full force. As a substitute teacher, however, you need to stay healthy, especially now, so you can be in the classroom when the teacher is out sick! The following are suggestions from substitute teachers on how to stay healthy during this season.

Look for the Funny Side of Substitute Teaching 2013-01-06

Everyone knows that substitute teaching is a challenging job on the best of days. The best teachers learn to not take things too seriously. Sometimes after a particularly bad day, it can be encouraging to hear how other teachers handled their situations.

Too Much Time Left? Have Emergency Sub Plans! 2012-12-30

Substitute teachers have to be flexible. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time when you will have substitute work and how much will be planned for you? Keeping a folder of last-minute lesson plans will give you confidence that you can handle any situation. What kinds of things do you keep at-the-ready for those rough sub days?

Practical Tips for Classroom Management in Elementary Schools 2012-12-23

For a substitute teacher, classroom management can be one of the biggest challenges of the day. Every classroom's rules vary, and each teacher has a different style as to how she keeps students on task. Substitute teachers who have a strong handle on classroom management will find themselves being requested more as a sub, and their days will be less stressful. In the elementary schools, use some practical tips to keep things running smoothly.

Tips for Subs from Mary Poppins 2012-12-13

If you want to be a better sub, be like Mary Poppins, nanny extraordinaire. Her biggest secret to success was being prepared. Think about it: she had her umbrella in tow and always kept her carpet bag filled with useful items. She had everything from lamps and mirrors to a magical measuring tape that could size up anybody, adult or child. And, of course, she was very, very organized.

Don't Fear the Emergency Lesson Plan 2012-12-09

Emergency lesson plans available and easy to find - both in your personal collection and online. Here is something to consider if you end up using someone else’s emergency lesson plan: If you make changes to the lesson plan, do you go back to the source and let them know the changes you made?

Be a Better Substitute Teacher with 4 Key Relationships 2012-11-29

For even the best educator, the job of substitute teacher can be a challenge, especially when new to a building. By fostering some important relationships, a sub can not only build support, but increase the chance of future jobs in that school.

Be a Better Sub With SubAssistant 2012-11-19

Even experienced substitute teachers experience some anxiety and trepidation going into a classroom for the first time, but SubAssistant wants to help!

Ten Advantages of Being a Substitute Teacher 2012-11-15

Like all jobs, substitute teaching has its own unique rewards and challenges. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time to figure out whether it’s the right professional choice for you.

Classroom Discipline Tips for Substitute Teachers 2012-11-06

What are some discipline styles or tips that you or a fellow teacher have found to be effective in the classroom?

Substitute Teaching Tips: Managing Difficult Secondary Groups 0000-00-00

So, you are standing at the door greeting the high school students entering your fourth period class, and right away, you recognize the potential for trouble. All the signs are present: lack of eye contact with you, groups entering together, profanity, increasing volume, the celebratory "we have a sub!" followed by high fives. Everything about the vibe has you double checking you know where the office button is, where the referral forms are, and reviewing the tips in the substitute teacher packet. Despite the appearance to the contrary, the opportunity to create a positive shared experience with this group of students is possible.

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